What is Personalogy ? Upgrading human quality to become a Persona.

What are we truly seeking? The answers lie in Personalogy, which teaches how to reinvent life and explore Mind Body Spirit.

Have you ever considered why our current sciences are taught by specialists in biology, psychology, sociology, and another 600 logies in various fields, but not in Personalogy? Personalogy can enhance a person’s capabilities and qualities, yet it has been neglected for over 2000 years. Why have we never heard about it? Is it due to our parents, education system, governments, religion, or historians who used their own mindset?

Do we want to know Personalogy to become a fully realized persona, or do we prefer to remain as personas non-grata?

Personalogy is part of Hakha, a high educational knowledge of Universal existence known to our highly civilized ancestors dating back over 14,103 years before Sumerian. It extends by Madian and Persian Empire from the times of the Greek and Roman wars around 2025 years ago, through the era of Cyrus the Great 2583 years ago, and even further to Zoroastrianism 3762 years ago and the Mithraism civilization 7046 years ago (524BC). The wisdom of these civilizations can still be understood or reproduced with our current advanced sciences. Why is this so?

Hakha sciences are so complex that we cannot understand them using just our present five senses. We must first educate ourselves to understand why and how we can communicate without visual or tactile connections.

Are we on the wrong path by trying to achieve light-speed travel? Are our current tools adequate for understanding the knowledge of our past civilizations? Is it crystal or some other unseen organ that we need to replace or mix with our present metal, wires, and silicone?

How did ancient civilizations, thousands of years ago, discover planets and calculate the Earth’s rotations, other Planets, and even asteroids so precisely? For example, Avicenna (Ibn Sina) and Omar Khayyam had a discrepancy of only 6 km when calculating the Earth’s circumference. How did they determine the exact dates and times of eclipses and invent alcohol and other medical remedies including Nibiru?

The aim of this book is to upgrade our quality as humans by learning Personalogy, which will enable us to understand and harness our universal energy and abilities. This knowledge will empower you to use more of your potential than you ever imagined, expanding your thoughts and capabilities in every aspect.

Personalogy teaches self-realization and mastery of the body, mind, soul, and spirit, making you capable of almost anything, including self-healing, multifunctionality, and social success. It enables you to tap into the Universal mind and the law of attraction, becoming part of universal activities.

In the end, who is to blame for our ignorance? Not our parents, who had to harmonize their actions with societal norms out of love for their children. Perhaps it is the historians who provided incorrect information, or powerful rulers and governments, or educational sources and religions that guided us down certain paths.

Let’s examine and understand some of the many ‘true lies’ that we have been told. We have accepted these true lies in almost everything we learn from our parents and environment, including important events, celebrations, and historical facts. Up to now, we have used true reasons to cover our lies or wrongdoings, whether to ourselves, our children, or society. We even enjoy these false truths, especially when they seem real. Its fictional and is not based on the facts.

For example, consider the myths and traditions from childhood: Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, Valentine’s Day, sports like the Olympic Games and various historical and political myths.

Why do I have to teach Personalogy as part of Hakha? Since I began writing this book, I have tried to validate each part with modern science. In the past (from the late 1960s to mid-1970s), communication was limited to only telex, books, newspapers, and magazines. Fortunately, now we have social media, and search engines to enable me to prove or compare old knowledge in modern science. This is why I started World Aviation Magazine, a kind of social media for the aviation world.

Vibration, Earth’s rotation, gravity, waves, and many other senses and phenomena are essential for our survival. Emotions are not just fluctuating feelings; they are potent forces that shape our existence. Understanding these energies is like learning a new language that speaks directly to the soul. It requires practice, patience, and time, but the rewards are immense. When we begin to understand this language, we unlock a world of wisdom within us.

Before ending this introduction let’s have an example of ABC of Personalogy to refresh our day:

1. Find a quiet space to center yourself without distractions. Ground yourself by feeling the support of the Earth and the vast sky above.

2. Stand or sit tall, close your eyes, and take several deep breaths, settling into the present moment.

3. With each inhale, visualize drawing vibrant energy from the universe as radiant light entering through the crown of your head.

4. Feel this energy flow through your entire being, filling every cell with vitality.

5. As you exhale, release any tension or stagnant energy, letting it dissolve into the Earth. Grow more rooted and expansive with each breath.

6. Continue for a few minutes, fully immersing in the sensation of energy flowing through you. Activate the power of your mind, breath, and body, opening a pathway for rejuvenating cosmic energy.

7. When ready, gently open your eyes and express gratitude for this abundant energy and the new day ahead.

What is the ABC to Z of Personalogy?

– **A:** To know who you are; self-realization.

– **B:** To understand why you are here on this Planet.

– **C:** To manage your body as a tool.

– **D to Z:** Various duties and insights to explore.

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